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Compound Found In Green Tea May Help In Tackling Covid-19 Infection

Green tea is considered one of the healthy beverages. It has healthy bioactive compounds and is more than a hydrating beverage. Indian-origin researchers have claimed that green tea might help in tackling Covid-19 infection. The initial findings show that one of the compounds found in green tea can successfully combat coronavirus. Researchers said that they are still investigating how green tea can play a vital role in the fight against Covid. They said that initial results have shown that green tea can give rise to a drug that can tackle the virus. The study noted that nature’s oldest pharmacy already has drugs to treat infections. Only what is required is that to find compounds that could help in battling the pandemic.

Researchers said that they screened natural compounds that can work against coronavirus. For this, they used an artificial intelligence-aided computer program to sort the compounds. The said compound is found to be most active is gallocatechin. Gallocatechin is present in green tea. It is easily available in green tea. The study said that research is still in the early stage. They called for further investigation. They said that a clinical study is required to understand if gallocatechin can be effective in preventing and treating Covid infection. The latest study shows how natural compounds can play an important role in the fight against Covid.

Researchers screened more than 100 phytochemicals using a computational model. They found that gallocatechin is the compound that has emerged as a potential candidate with highly antiviral properties. Meanwhile, a Swansea University academic is researching how green tea compounds can help in the fight. Gallocatechin is a chemical compound. It possesses two epimers and is most commonly found in green tea. It comes with several beneficial properties. It also performs antiviral activities and helps in recovery. Past studies said that it prevents the cell entry of viruses. It has the potential to stop coronavirus as well. Any breakthrough in traditional medicine for their antiviral properties will bolster the fight against Covid.

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