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Google Allows Users To Transfer Emailed Photos Directly To Google Photos With New Button Called Save To Photos


Google has launched a new feature to make it easier to save emailed photos. It said that the latest feature will help users to save photos from its mailing service to Photos. The search engine giant said that users can directly transfer photos from Gmail to Photos. Google has started rolling out a new button called Save to Photos. When pressed, it will automatically save photos received in an email to Google Photos. The new button is available for personal Gmail users. The feature will be made available to G Suite Basic, Google Workspace, and G Suite Business customers later this year. Google currently provides Add to Drive option on an attachment to download the file.

The new button will be available alongside the existing option – Add to Drive. Users can find the new option while previewing the attachment. The new feature only works on JPEG files. It doesn’t support files in PNG format. Google so far allowed users to download email attachments but didn’t allow them to save directly to Photos. According to the company, the new feature will free users from having to download attachments first from Gmail. After downloading the attachments, users for now had to back them up to Google Photos manually. This lengthy process made transferring files from Gmail to Google Photos a complex task. The new support will curtail the process to make it easier and also save timings.

Google said that the new feature will be activated by default. In another related development, Google will end unlimited photo and video storage limit for Google Photos. Google currently offers unlimited space to store high-quality photos and videos. The limit will now be restricted to 15 GB. The new policy will come into effect from June 1. The restriction will apply to all non-Pixel users. Pixel users will continue to enjoy unlimited free storage limits. For non-Pixel users, Google has introduced a subscription plan. This will allow non-Pixel users to get services once the free limit of 15 GB is exhausted. The subscription is available at USD 1.99 per month for 100 GB.

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