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In a now-viral video, Roskosmos threatens to disconnect Russia’s ISS modules…

In a now-viral video, Roskosmos threatens to disconnect Russia's ISS modules.

On January 13th, Roskosmos, Russia’s space agency, released a video of ISS modules being disconnected. The video was shot from the Russian module Zvezda and shows the Progress MS-09 spacecraft disconnecting from the Pirs docking port. The spacecraft is then seen slowly drifting away from the station.

Recent viral videos show that bilateral relations between Russia and the United States are deteriorating in the wake of the Ukraine war. This video isn’t only taking the science community by storm, it is also quite threatening. These 47 long videos have been dubbed Russian Propaganda. They come at a time Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has been waging war with the Biden-led state. See below to see how low the Putin government is going as Ukrainians flee fearing random airstrikes.

A video of Russian official disconnecting modules from the International Space Station (ISS) has gone viral, raising serious concerns about the country’s space program. The footage, which was shot in February and released last week, shows Roskosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin striding across the ISS module and unplugging two cables. In a statement accompanying the video, Rogozin said that he had disconnected the modules “to prove that Russia is a great space power.

Although the video is 47 seconds long and is getting huge traffic on the internet, it is a joke. However, there is nothing funny about it. Russian cosmonauts are seen locking the Russian hatch and then maneuvering the Zvezda Module away from the flying post. This module provides the ISS with living quarters as well as refueling capability. The US segment includes the European and Japanese laboratories.

The Zvezda module acts as a space tug to the entire outpost and is capable of steering the ISS station away from space junk. The life-support system of the module is integrated with the U.S. lab system.

Since the early days of space exploration, Russia has been a dominant player in the field. With their latest video, Roskosmos seems to be making a statement that they are still a top contender. Released on March 11th, the video shows the disconnection of several ISS modules, including portions that are American-owned. While it’s unclear what the motive behind the video is, many have speculated that it could be a threat in response to sanctions placed on Russia by the United States.

Russia vs. the USA

Notably, Putin’s government had announced its intention to end the decade-long partnership in space with the United States. Roscosmos declared that it would not launch the satellites unless OneWeb had guaranteed that they would not be used to support military purposes.

Particularly, U.S. President Joe Biden on February 4 announced that Russia will reduce its space program under the new U.S. sanctions. This is in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Roscosmos chief quickly responded via Twitter to the POTUS’s threat and expressed his desire to end the cooperation between the ISS and Roscosmos.

In a video that has quickly gone viral, the Russian space agency Roskosmos is shown disconnecting modules of the International Space Station (ISS). The video’s ominous soundtrack and quick cuts of the disconnected modules give the impression of a serious problem. However, Roskosmos has stated that the video was only a test and that the ISS is not in danger.

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