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JBL Quantum 350 looks like a great affordable wireless gaming headset

JBL has a new wireless gaming headset headed to the UK, which looks set to deliver some great features at a more budget-friendly price than the best PC gaming headsets out there. We haven’t been able to try out the JBL Quantum 350 wireless gaming headset for ourselves but the specs seem promising, so this could be one to keep an eye on for the next time you’re upgrading your setup.

Wireless gaming headsets can scare away some pro users who rely on a fast wired connection to keep them as up-to-date as possible with what’s happening in the virtual world, but with its 2.4GHz wireless connection you shouldn’t have any issues with the JBL Quantum 350 headphones. Users will also be able to keep their squad informed thanks to a detachable mic that comes with this Discord-certified headset.

If you like the sound of the JBL Quantum 350 wireless gaming headset and want to try it out for yourself, it’s available now for just £89.99.

More JBL Quantum 350 wireless headset details 

While we haven’t been able to test this headset out for ourselves to verify, it looks like the JBL Quantum 350 could be aimed more at PC players than people who game on consoles (sorry to those of you on Xbox Series X and PS5). JBL’s QuantumENGINE software allows for better customization on PC, and the device's wireless USB connection might cause limitations on consoles too.

However, if you are on PC we expect you’ll be impressed with the audio as we’ve previously given JBL’s Quantum range of headsets favorable reviews (such as the JBL Quantum One gaming headset which received four stars). We have no reason to expect this headset would be different, but look out for what other customers have to say if you’re unsure.

This headset also has a great battery life, promising 22-hours of use between charges. If you do forget to recharge between sessions though, you aren’t out of luck. Thanks to fast charging via USB-C you can get one hour of playback with just five minutes of charging. Long gaming sessions will also be supported by memory foam ear-cushions which should hopefully keep these feeling comfy even after hours of wearing them.


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