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NASA Says Russia’s Satellite Breakup Created Dangerous Space Debris, Could Harm ISS

NASA Says Russia's Satellite Breakup Created Dangerous Space Debris, Could Harm ISS

Space debris is a cause of concern. The rising waste items in space pose a serious threat to satellites. Russia recently undertook an anti-satellite test. This is believed to have created space debris. NASA has now criticized Russia for space debris. It said that the satellite breakup created dangerous debris. The agency has condemned the test. It is said that the debris is a threat to the International Space Station. It can cause harm to the rotating laboratory. According to NASA, Russia had fired a DA-ASAT missile on November 10. It collided with a defunct satellite. The collision generated space debris. The test generated more than 1,500 pieces of debris.

NASA said that ISS passed through a field of huge debris. The station’s control team swung into action as it woke up the ISS crew in the wee hours on Monday soon after the collision. They were notified about the satellite breakup in space. The astronauts aboard the laboratory were asked to take safety measures to protect themselves in any adverse situation. The crew undertook emergency procedures. NASA said that the crew took shelter in Soyuz and Dragon vehicles. The vehicles are currently docked at the ISS. They remained inside these vehicles for around two hours. The crew had closed the hatches. The space station passed through a debris field created by Russia’s satellite breakup.

NASA chief Bill Nelson said that Russia’s test is unthinkable that can harm astronauts conducting experiments at the ISS. He said that the collision is a threat to the interests of all nations. He described Russia’s behavior as irresponsible. Besides, he also said that Russia has indulged in a destabilizing action. The debris also created a threat to China’s space station which is under construction. Notably, Russia has declared that it will exit the ISS program. The country has proposed to set up an independent space station. It will be called Russian Orbital Service Station. The construction is likely to begin in 2025. The country said that the proposed space station will feature next-generation modules. It will operate at an altitude of 400 km.

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