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This cheap 4K TV could be one of the best 40-inch screens to buy this year

Panasonic has revealed the JX600 4K TV, an affordable LCD screen and 2021 upgrade to last year’s HX600 – as well as only a slight step down from the utterly fantastic HX800. If you’re after a cheap 4K TV, then the JX600 might well be one to keep your eye on.

Due to release towards the end of October 2021, the Panasonic JX600 will be available in two different sizes: a 50-inch model for £549.99, alongside a more affordable 43-inch model for just £449.99. Both will also be available in Silver and Dark Titanium finishes.

The 4K TV isn’t lacking on the app front, either, as it comes with the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Twitch built-in. It’s also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning your favorite channels are just a voice command away and accessible hands-free.

Analysis: a real gap in the market?

The Panasonic HX800 is quite simply one of the best 4K TVs around for its price point, and from the sounds of it, the JX600 will only be a slight step down from the mid-range model when it releases in October.

The 50-inch JX600 is actually cheaper than the HX800’s 40-inch model, which sits at a £649 retail price. The 58 and 65-inch variants of the HX800 balloon to £999 and £1,399 respectively. This means that while you’re sacrificing some quality features like HDR10+, you’re still likely to nab a great 4K TV without paying a premium.

Going off the press release, the JX600 still boasts some impressive specs of its own. Both HDR10 and Dolby Vision are supported, as well as Dolby Atmos for immersive audio. Game Mode is also returning, a fantastic feature found in other Panasonic TVs that reduces input lag for a much smoother gaming experience.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the JX600 when it launches in October. As 8K (and more premium 4K) TVs steadily become the new norm, we’re finding that mid-range 4K TVs are becoming more affordable while including much more robust feature sets. The JX600 looks to be no exception to this, and we’ll be excited to see how the TV performs as the successor to last year’s HX600.


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