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Walmart to Offer Home Deliveries for Christmas Supplies This Holiday Season

Walmart to Offer Home Deliveries for Christmas Supplies This Holiday Season

This holiday shopping season, Walmart outlets will ship Christmas supplies such as Thanksgiving turkeys, Black Friday bargains, as well as Christmas lights to users. The nation’s biggest retailer stated on Thursday that it is “supplying greater convenience” by extending store delivery operations, increasing delivery periods, and expanding the availability of same-day as well as next-day orders from local locations. “We are increasing our delivery times by 2 hours, which means carriers will be completing shipments from stores to households until 10 p.m. local time,” stated Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice president of the final mile, in a blog article on Thursday. “Customers can place orders up to 6 p.m. for same and next-day delivery.”

According to Ward, consumers will also have extra time to “modify their purchases after they have been made, so if users forget to mention a jar of pumpkin pie filling for their Thanksgiving dinner or they need a last-minute guest present – they’ll have more options to include it in their basket,”. Oversized products, such as 70” televisions, faux Christmas trees, as well as bicycles, may also be shipped locally from more than 2,800 retailers on the same day, according to Ward. Earlier this week, Walmart announced that it would return for the 2nd year to its month-long “Black Friday Discounts for Days” promotion in November. Rather than the one Black Friday sale that has typically begun on Thanksgiving, there will be 3 independent Black Friday deals online.

Rapid delivery may also come at a price. Customers may have to pay USD 7.95 to USD 9.95 for each delivery, and an extra USD 10 charge to acquire their purchase in 2 hours or less with express delivery, according to Walmart. Subscribers of Walmart’s membership service, Walmart+, are entitled to unrestricted free delivery during the holiday season. However, Walmart+ members must pay the stipulated charge for express delivery. Owing to the pandemic, Walmart shops will be shut this Thanksgiving for the 2nd time since the late 1980s. Walmart stated that pickups and shipping from outlets will be “as usual the day before Thanksgiving and will continue at noon local time the following day.”

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