Suicide Rate in Youth Has Increased to 56% in Last Decade

Suicide rates in youth have gone up in the last decade to almost 56% higher from that which was earlier. Recent studies that have been made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the suicide rate has grown more than the homicide rate. It was seen in 2007 that from 100,000 people, there were 6.8 suicides, which were in the age from 10 years to 24 years, but in 2017 it was observed that there were 10.6 suicides per 100,000. It has been seen that suicide is the second foremost cause of death after accidents.

In general, it is said that suicide rates have gone up in all age groups in the US which are rising at a higher rate from 2010. The study suggested that when these rates are rising it is necessary to pay attention to it. The different reasons for suicides are depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety issues, schizophrenia, substance abuse, etc. Research shows that around 85% of people have died because of the suicide of mental illness. Unluckily all the age groups come in these people irrespective of socio-economical factors around US and all around the world. In the year 2012, around 42,000 deaths were reported by the cause of suicide in the US. It was said that in that year, people who lived in the US died every 13 minutes. There was a growth in suicide rates in the years 2015 and 2016 specifically in cities like Chicago and St. Louis. When we break down by the age type we can see that the suicide rate the most suicides are happening from the age of 20-24 years.

From the above research, it can be concluded that the suicide rates have been increasing from the few years.      The reasons stated for these deaths are different but the rate is more in young people.

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