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Dieticians Say Plant Based Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Issues And Dementia

Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Issues And Dementia

A new study has revealed that protein from plant-based resources such as beans and nuts instead of animal proteins such as red meat and dairy is linked to a low number of deaths due to dementia and heart issues. The findings of the study have been released in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). The study has enrolled more than 100000 women who have undergone menopause for over 20 years. Experts have found that women who have been having more protein from plant-based sources have been identified with a lower risk of deaths due to heart ailments and dementia. These people are also at a lower risk of death due to all causes as compared to women who have been eating a high amount of red meat, dairy, and eggs. Dr. Jennifer Ashton has said that there are two theories in medical and nutritional streams behind plant-based diet affecting health issues like dementia and heart ailments. She has said that inflammatory metabolites are the by-products of animal protein that can impact the heart, brain, and blood vessels. People’s gut microbiome as well is linked to what people eat. Ashton herself has confessed that she has been following a plant-based diet for the past three weeks and she has seen a reduction in her body fat and bad cholesterol level.

Plant-based food is a diet, which consists of mostly or entirely food items, which are derived from plants. It includes grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. A plant-based diet means eating few or no animal-derived foods. A vegan diet eliminates all food items and products, which are derived from animals such as meat, dairy, eggs, and cheese. Experts have said that people are motivated to opt for veganism or vegetarianism due to religious or ethical reasons but plant-based diets opted for health and environmental reasons. A plant-based diet emphasizes eating whole food. For the last many years, plant-based diets have been gaining acclaim. This type of diet has secured top ranking as the best annual diet as per the US News and World Report.

Experts have said that a plant-based diet is beneficial for the environment as well. They have said that people should consider eating minimally processed foods in the plant-based diet. As per the dieticians, seafood and meat products can also be included in the plant-based diet occasionally. There should be more than just vegetables in the plant-based diet to ensure that people are having enough calories, which is required. People should include beans, rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and chickpeas in their plant-based diet, which will give them enough energy to sustain themselves throughout the day.

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