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General Motors To Enter EV Charging Infrastructure, Plans To Install Its Charging Stations

General Motors To Enter EV Charging Infrastructure, Plans To Install Its Charging Stations

General Motors has been aggressively working on electric vehicles and it is set to launch a new wave of electric vehicles. Amid all this, the American multinational automotive is launching its own charging infrastructure. This is important to make sure those EVs are on the road. For this, the company has launched a community charging initiative. Under this initiative, the company will install around 40,000 Level 2 charging stations across North America. These charging stations will be donated to its 4000-plus franchised dealers. These dealers will be able to place at least 10 chargers at ‘key locations’ in their neighborhoods. The locations can include colleges, apartments, and businesses. The company also said that will not be limited to GM EV drivers.

These chargers can be directly purchased both online as well as through dealerships. The company said that the aim behind setting up these charging stations is to provide access to underserved and rural areas where access to charging for EVs is often limited. The move highlights the fact the company is preparing itself for selling only EVs as passenger cars and light trucks by 2035. The other aspect of this is that there are lots of customers who have very little availability of public charging stations.

The company is offering three types of chargers a basic 11.5kW/48-amp model, then there will be a premium version which will come with a camera and touch screen. The third charger offered by the company would be a more powerful 19.2kW/80-amp model. The Level 2 charging is apparently not very fast and more like a wall charger that people usually buy for their home. The speed of charging will be very low when compared to the speedy options provided by Tesla. The distribution to looks not very planned as there are multiple dealers who would like to get several charging stations at one location in order to minimize queuing.

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