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Launch of New Exciting Game Series-WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 launched on 22nd October 2019; many fans were hoping truly spectacular experience from the video game franchise. WWE 2K19 was a turning point in the WWE game series. It had a single-player mode, voice story with strong acting from lead characters. It laid the base of what could be the best story mode going forward. But WWE 2K20 misses so many things. Many issues are arising, and it is increasing the difficulty of game players. However, more female superstar characters are in the game. Also, the DLC pack is good. It includes many new modes. The mixed tag team mode is exciting.

WWE 2K20 seems to be bursting with bugs, many of its characters look uglier than last year. The lighting effects are glitchy at many points — virtually no improvement in actual wrestling, which is outdated at this point. Its biggest new feature is looked way back than DLC and isn’t playable at launch. Career mode retains the same problem as last year. Collision detection and target hitting are worst than ever before. Many of the game players are facing a different issue at this time, and according to many issues will arrive soon.

Apart from this, many new and exciting features are included in WWE 2K20. The new control system is smoother and easy for new users, and it is a huge plus point for the game franchise. Those who like to play online the new lobby system is created. Hence it makes online matching with new players easier. WWE 2K20 has a female option in my career mode, which focuses on women’s evolution in the gaming franchise. Exciting 2k towers mode enhanced with new and existing features. In WWE, 2K20 gamers can play 14 matches on a single PVP card. This new game series is receiving good and bad reviews from the gamer’s side.

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