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Microsoft Enabled Android Call Synchronization on Windows

Apple users stick to the Apple Ecosystem because all of the devices are interconnected very well. Both the Hardware and software support is provided by the company, so; the users stick with Apple. Microsoft has been following the same path for now and released the new update to “Your Phone App” on Android and Windows. From now on, the users with Your Phone App can synchronize the calls on Windows computers. With this feature, many users will find it easier to monitor the calls while using the Windows computer.

Microsoft has released the Windows Insider update that enables the feature. As of now, it is available only for the Windows Insider build users. But soon it will be made available to the public in the coming days or months. The users can Calls, Answer, and Decline the phone calls received on connected Android smartphones. Also, the users can send custom Text messages and send a Voicemail to the caller without any issues. If the user is using multiple devices, then he can transfer the call between all of the connected devices with ease. The amount of flexibility allows the users to answer, initiate, decline the calls, send custom text messages to the declined calls, and many other features.

Once this feature is released publically, the Windows and Android users will reach one step closer to the Apple Level Inline communication. Currently, All of the Apple devices communicate with each other perfectly. With the cross-device communication, Apple users tend to stick with the ecosystem. To use this feature, the users need Windows 10 PC build 18362.356 or later installed on the computer and Android 7 or higher. Also, Bluetooth support is needed for both of the devices to communicate with each other. Microsoft has announced a new Android device, which will start supporting the inline communication with Windows computers natively.

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