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The lawsuit filed against the US government by Huawei over new FCC laws

Huawei announced that it had filed a lawsuit challenging the FCC decision that avoids the use of federal subsidies for Americans to purchase Huawei equipment. Huawei is the leading smartphone brand and largest telecommunication maker. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in New Orleans. Song Liuping, Chief Legal Officer of Huawei, said that as this is a Chinese company, FCC had targeted them. Song Liuping claims that the passed order is against the law and violates the constitutional laws of the US. It provides no evidence of threat related to national security that the company poses. This lawsuit is a strategy of Huawei to fight against the campaigns which are run against Chinese companies through public opinion and courts.

Earlier in March, the company sued the government of the US over a law that barred federal agencies from buying its products. Executives of Huawei published in the newspaper that it is a private company and not a tool of the Chinese government. Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, said that the decision taken by FCC is against the bedrock principle as the US government should make rules that are best interest of Americans. The government says that the company has crossed national security and poses a threat. Also, it has barred companies of the US from the supply of software and key tech to the Chinese firm. The US government said that installing the equipment of Huawei’s would allow the Chinese to keep an eye on US communications that are sensitive. Huawei claims that none of their products pose any threat or question national security.

Protests have not stopped President Donald Trump from making decisions against Huawei. He said that using a 5G network along with Huawei mobile will pose a security risk, and he also has raised this issue with several other countries. Boris Johnson, prime minister of the UK, has also agreed and said that Chinese companies could pose a national threat, and using their devices can pose a threat to the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance.

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