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The US President Trump Twitted in Favor to Develop 5G Network In America

Donald Trump said on Twitter yesterday that he visited the Apple Mac Pro production site. His comments caused a large number of questions. Between them: Trump said he requested CEO Tim Cook to let Apple (AAPL) participate in the “building” 5G network in America. They have everything – money, equipment, idea and [CEO Tim] Cook!” Trump sent a tweet. But Apple is a mobile phone manufacturer, not a mobile phone operator. Entering 5G construction will denote a major shift in Apple’s business strategy. Ian Campbell, chief executive of investigation firm Nucleus Research, said: “I think they may also be involved in the coffee house business. This will be an important step for Apple, which is extremely unlikely. A consumer-oriented company.

5G is the next peer group of wireless technology that promises to change the way individuals live and work. High-speed Internet speeds (expected 5G will be 100 times quicker than 4G) will drive the development of technologies such as autonomous vehicles and smart metropolises. Of course, Apple and several other technology companies are hoping to develop new products that take benefit of 5G capabilities. But at all company that builds 5G must-own and update its network infrastructure – think about radio towers and underground cables – something Apple doesn’t have. Major companies in the US wireless market have begun to compete fiercely to style 5G widely available in as many cities as likely. Even with existing equipment, competitors in the broadcast arena are pouring money to launch 5G. CNN’s paternal company, AT&T, spends $20 billion a year on 5G; Verizon will invest $17 billion.

If you spend that much cash, Apple can build 17 new Austin estates. Or, more likely, it may invest further in the amenities business, which the company expects to develop a more critical income driver in the next few years. According to reports, Apple spent $6 billion on the content of its new-fangled streaming service, Apple TV+. Other technology companies like Cisco are also developing certain components in 5G network devices. Campbell believed, but Apple is doubtful to move in this direction. Campbell supposed: “There are many powerful players in this market.” “Apple has no production services or support capabilities. They will stick to wristwatches and stylish phones.”

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