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The Galaxy Fold screen replacement will cost around US$ 149

Samsung group revamping the Galaxy Fold, which was delayed owing to screen design woes affecting its 7.3-inch interior screen. The company delayed launch after reviewers reported its foldable phone suffered three different types of damage to its delicate plastic screen. Since then, Samsung redesigned the fold and drastically scaled back its launch plans, partners, and even its best two color options. The company took the feedback of initial reviewers. CNET predicted one of those changes, a customer service department dedicated solely to Galaxy Fold owners. The company is offering Galaxy Fold Premiere Service, in which Samsung is making a special team which is available by 24/7 to people who may buy the inaugural foldable phone, which cost around US$ 1,980.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be officially launching in the US on the 27th of September. Now, the phone is expensive and comes with all kinds of warning labels to users by mentioning how to take care of the phone. However, if in case the individual ruins the screen, it can replace it very quickly. According to a document published by The Verge, which is an American technology news and media network operated by Vox Media, customers who end up damaging the screen of Galaxy Fold handset will be eligible for a particular one-time warranty replacement where they’ll have to fork out US$ 149. It is affordable as compared to the overall price of the handset. However, to take advantage of such a discounted offer, an individual need to purchase it before the 31st December 2019.

Foldable phones are announced as the next revolution in phone design. A foldable display promises to double usable screen size while keeping the device small to carry. But the hinge and bendable plastic screen have proven problematic for Samsung and other phone-makers, many of whom have announced intentions to make a foldable device without having launched it yet. Even rival Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., has yet to sell its foldable Mate X. With the Fold which is the first primary foldable phone to sell in the world, Samsung offers dedicated customer service that can drive home to buyers that the Fold is a luxury device.

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